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Through personal recordings of the original radio broadcasts, the history of America's favorite pastime is retold, one classic game at a time. Relive key moments, historical hits, and the legends of today taking to the field when they were at the peak of their career.

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Some Of Our Favourite Episodes

Every game is a little piece of history, and with every episode we have a chance to experience some of the moments and people that make baseball special. But like any collection of moments, some stick in our mind a little more than others. Here's three episodes with some of the legends of the game.

Before They Were Legends, Scully calls for Koufax, Cubs vs Dodgers, June 4th 1957

A regular season game with a pair of young Dodgers legends; Sandy Koufax, barely two years into his career, takes the mound, while up in the radio booth you have a 29-year-old Vin Scully calling the first three innings.
Listen online here.

The All-Star Game of All-Star Games, 13th July, 1971

Willie Mays opens up the batting; Roberto Clemente makes his last All-Star appearance; Hank Aaron reaches the fence for the first time in the Summer Classic; heck, even Pete Rose pops up. If you want to watch out for something special, count off how many home runs are hit, and how many are hit by future Hall of Fame'ers.
Listen online here.

Topps' Most Valuable Player In The World, 1952 World Series Game 7

It's the 1952 World Series with the Yankees and Dodgers taking it to Game 7. On the Yankees line-up is a certain Mickey Mantle, and his 1952 season is one for the record books. But could the player with the most valuable card become the most valuable player in the World Series decider?
Listen online here.